REZET Personal Melatonin Diffuser

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Our tech-driven, plant-based, melatonin diffuser will help you sleep fast and recover even faster.

  • 300 USES – Each REZET Melatonin Diffuser lasts 1 month if following the recommended amount of uses per night, they contain 0.5 mg melatonin per use. We recommend up to 10 use a night.
  • INGREDIENTS - These diffusers contain nature elements, such as Lavender: a multi-purpose plant with relaxing benefits; L-Theanine: which helps ease anxiety, stress and reduce insomnia; Chamomile: which helps calm your brain and may promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia. Melatonin: which helps the body to relax, inducing the feeling of sleepiness.
  • HOW TO USE IT - Adult use only. Put the REZET air diffuser gently on mouthpiece to gather diffused contents in your mouth, release out through the nose. Do not use it more than 10 times per day.
  • REAL REST - This melatonin diffuser will help you relax and sleep better. You'll increasing productivity, focus & memory; it will also help you naturally boost your immune system and prevent weight gain; finally, by having less stress & anxiety can balance your mood and help you feel rested.
  • STOP COUNTING SHEEPS EVERY NIGHT – This diffuser it's an excellent alternative medicine product because it does NOT contain: Nicotine, Diacetyl, Formaldehyde, Vitamin E Acetate.

The REZET melatonin Diffuser is a sleeping device that is 100% drug-free. Contains NO Nicotine, NO CBD, NO THC, and no other legal or illegal controlled substances.

Our diffusers DO NOT contain

Our diffusers are made with natural ingredients.

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